De Ramos & Serch


De Ramos & Serch
is a company dedicated to design thinking.

Creative Solutions

Our goal is to find creative solutions to the problems that our clients have to face. An innovative methodology and a close collaboration with our clients are our strengths. We do not operate as an external company; instead we get involved in each of our client’s processes. This continuous collaboration results in global and effective solutions.

Latest Works

  • We Are Selecters

    Tecnologic Partners, Art Direction & Web Development.
  • FormalDocs

    Art Direction & Web Development.
  • Daniel Gonzalez Elizondo

    Art Direction & Web Development.
  • Mödernaked

    Tecnologic Partners, Art Direction & Web Development.
  • evasèe

    Art Direction & Web Development.
  • Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón

    Project Directión & Web Development.
  • Bershka Bscene

    Art Direction & Web Development for Socialmedia.
  • Lados Magazine

    Art Direction & Web Development.
  • Eat Fit Hit

    Web Development. Art Direction & branding by Estudio DAC
  • Sologremios

    Art Direction, branding & Web Development.


De Ramos & Serch is a young, innovative and, above all, very optimistic project, formed by a small group of professionals. We approach problems with energy and enthusiasm. The working method is simple: every project deserves our care and attention, and therefore we do not hesitate to expand the workforce if needed. There are no fixed roles in our organization. All collaborators are highly qualified and committed professionals who perform a variety of tasks depending on the project. Today someone could be the Director of the project but tomorrow the same person might be running a small part of another project’s development under the direction of one of their colleagues. This flexibility of tasks and schedules is one of our guidelines. Each of us is responsible for our own tasks.

Our approach, based on quality and commitment, does not allow us to see simultaneously to a large number of projects, which is an approach clearly in the interests of our clients.

Fields of expertise

Web Development and Consulting: We transfer our clients’ activities to an Internet framework. We design customized tools where the client’s needs are the premise. Research is done case by case so we can provide the best solution. Web development embraces customized program solutions in different areas: online management, e-commerce, Internet portals, corporate websites... this field is so broad that it can only be limited by imagination and secondarily, by the budget.

Branding: The brand is a product’s individuality on the market. Therefore, a brand is one of the most valuable elements in the field of advertising. For us it is a privilege to create and maintain a brand. Our goal is for our clients to see the brand as a significant added value to the services they offer. We are precise and thorough during the process of creating a brand. Packaging, corporate stationary, large format applications, posters, advertising flyers... We work on each single aspect with a detail-oriented approach: sketches, color reproduction, paper grammage, lamination, dies, etc.

Future Projects

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